Raj » Hi
Lyly » That was beautiful. As are you.
D.O.M. » Sorry for your owie!
anjelle » Sorry O.M., I've been busy being tumultuous. I'll get back to frisky fun shortly.(Ha! I made a short joke!)
D.O.M. » No post since May? What's with that? I know you have some "other side" material dying to get out. Put them here on the page for me to do with what I please.
D.O.M. » Finished Moon Thoughts... preparing to re-read the The other side. It is a devotional, a new testament outlining the way to live for the Goddess.
Friday » <3
Crimson » Really great picture .
Crimson » LOL!. I apologize for not updating you my sister. But its so good to see you stop by. Love and friendship is so nice to share.
Crimson » Hello sister. It has been awhile and I needed to say that.
Friday » The layout is stunning, love ... like you.
Friday » Here's hoping that 2008 is all the good things that 2007 wasn't. Wishing you much joy, happiness and love. Let's start with a little love from me. *hugs*
Friday » *hugs*
TrueMasochist » Hey Folks... It's Cari with TrueMasochist... I just wanna let people know the blog is back up and running!!!!
Friday » Dropping by to say hello to the vixen I live vicariously through. *hug*
Deirdre » I am sorry. You're in my thoughts.
anjelle » So not ok. but still alive, and nothing physically wrong
Deirdre » Haven't seen you around in a while. I hope you're okay.
Cari » Need advice over on my blog...
Cari » Hey girl! Just wanted you to know that I miss chatting with ya
Deirdre » I know, man.
Deirdre » For some reason, none of my comments show on your blog. Note on Lyrics entry: Sarah has always said it best. Great song.
Friday » Hello, darlin' heart. Hope you're doing well. Thanks so much for checking on me. I just haven't been myself lately and not sure I like who I have been. *grin* Huggin' you!
Cari » there
Cari » Hola sexy gorgeous beautiful you!!
Deirdre » <3
Friday » Hello lovely!
aine » oo baby!
Karma » Well well well.... you left and got on with your life as well. Good girl. I could stip you down, lick and love on you.
Friday » *hugs*
Friday » It wasn't meant as anything other than admiration for your honesty. Your "Note" entry seemed very healthy to me. If it was inappropriate at such a painful time I apologize.
aine » the intent was not to impress. i fucked up but good.
Friday » Damn, you impress me! I could learn a thing or two from you.
Friday » I too forget to come here because I don't have you linked either. I want your new safe place to stay safe. I will be better about visiting. (((aine)))
Deirdre » That's how I roll!
Deirdre » Sounds good. I just keep forgetting to come here because I don't link to ya. I guess I'll just sign up again for entry notifications. *HUG*
Deirdre » Yay! Can I link you? I'll link you with Aine. Is that cool?
aine » Hello new reader person. (Because I know you're here.)
aine » Alright, i've given in. The tagboard has been calling me. So, here it is.